Welcome to "The Gene Travis Official Web Site". We invite you to make yourself at home and become acquainted with country music's hottest rising star. Gene Travis! Every once in a while a country artist comes along that you just have to sit up and take notice of. Such is the case with Gene Travis. With an ache in his voice and the purest of emotions, Gene delivers his message loud and clear as he keeps the torch of "traditional" country music alive in the hearts of all country music enthusiasts. There is nothing fake about Gene Travis, what you hear is what you get. A strong commitment to writing what he feels and delivering it with the raw emotions of someone who has lived what he writes. 



Hi Gene Travis!

Congratulations, Your song(s) currently in Top 20 N1M Charts:

* "Cobblestones" is #4 for Country in United States, Tennessee

* "Throwin A Party" is #18 for Country in United States, Tennessee

* "Gonna Love You Till" is #19 for Country in United States, Tennessee

Keep It Up!

Please note that N1M Charts are changing in real time.

Gene Travis is #1 in Ireland with "Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut". Gene also has "Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut" on the charts in; Canada #3, Austria #7.  The Global Top 25, Gene Travis with "Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut" is #21. On The European Country Music Chart for the week of January 3, 2014 Gene Travis with "Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut" is #3 in 3 weeks!









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