Full Name: Gene Edward Travis Birthdate: March 3 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Place of Birth: Marianna, Arkansas Resides: Outside of Nashville, TN. Profession: Entertainer Aspirations: Singer/Songwriter Gene is the youngest of seven children. His brother taught him how to play guitar when he was 5 years old. Gene started writing his own songs in his early teens. Gene and his brother performed all over Arkansas at County Fairs and was a regular on the "George E. Brown Television Show". Gene joined the AirForce when he was 18. He started his own band at age 19 and has been entertaining all over the United States ever since. Gene has a degree in Television Production and is a Journeyman Electrician and Journeyman Instrument Technician. Gene recently received a BA degree in Information System Security. But his heart has always been in entertaining. Gene is very proud of his roots and heritage and his ability for being able to put into words the things that touch other people's lives and hearts. Gene has just released his third CD! You can download the songs from Gene's cd's on Gene's Music page. Gene Travis' dream of becoming a recording artist is just within reach. One Saturday night, as you are watching the Grand Ole Opry, don't be surprised when you hear these words; "Making his debut on the Grand Ole Opry, please make welcome Mr.Gene Travis!"

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